DIY Cookbook.

While I have lots of different cookbooks, there is one that is filled with more love and comfort than any of the others – and that is the homemade family cookbook. This cookbook began as a gift from my Mom during my college years, in which she filled it with all of the favorite family recipes, including the recipe for my favorite home cooked meal, spaghetti!

Since then, I have added clippings from Rachel Ray magazine or recipes from Better Homes and Garden.  I laugh because the dessert section is by far the biggest with over 20 recipes!!!

It finally came time to give this treasured book a cover that it deserved. So here is my 100% free homemade cookbook.


I used a 1.5″  black 3-ring binder and Avery top-loading clear sheet protectors for the labels and recipes. For the labels, I used Avery’s 8-tab dividers with printable labels. You will notice that if you place the tabs directly in the binder they will be the same width  as your recipes (so you will not be able to see them). To solve this problem, I inserted the entire white tab divider into the clear sheet protectors and cut a little slit in the sheet protector so that the tab would poke through. This allowed the tabs to be seen on the outside of the recipes. Sorry, I do not have a picture of this step.

We’ve created a free template of our cookbook and spine that you can download and customize with your own name on the cover and spine. Please note that you must have Photoshop to open the PSD and edit the type layers. You also may need to download the font that we used right here (it’s also free).




Project: Birth Announcement

One of my favorite hobbies is working with Photoshop and paper! So when Melissa talked to me about creating a baby announcement for her little Riley-Man, I was so excited to start! Although, I don’t work in Photoshop or printing for a living, so I was slightly nervous to create something for someone else!

We scanned through some of the favorites from the Riley-Man photoshoot shot by Ryan and settled on using my favorite picture (#23 out of 365).   After, final approval from Melissa, we sent them off to the printer and kept our fingers crossed!

The announcements turned out so beautiful and Riley looks so precious! Boy, I couldn’t be happier with them — wheww, what a relief!