Baby | Travel Nursery


Since it is always fun to take a peek into other people’s homes, I thought it was time to share what little man’s nursery looks like these days. We did not find out the gender prior to the birth, so we had to stick to a neutral color palette and plus, it gave me a reason to put white in the nursery despite everyone’s recommendations. Sometimes, ya just have to do what the heart wants to do! I love walking in there and seeing his smiling face lit up by the morning sunlight. It warms my heart even on the chillest of mornings!TravelNursery1TravelNursery7

TravelNursery4 TravelNursery5TravelNursery2

TravelNursery8 TravelNursery6 If anyone wants to know where anything is from please put it in the comments and I will do me best to answer 🙂



White | Baptism Cake


Over the holidays, we scheduled to have Broderick baptized but life had other plans and for various reasons we had to re-schedule it. I couldn’t let this pretty cake from Waldi at Cake and Candy Specialties in Sacramento go without photographing a few pictures of it first! After all, having an extra cake around the house is never a bad problem to have!
WhiteBaptismCake3 WhiteBaptismCake1

Broderick | 4 Month


As I told you yesterday, this little guy has stolen our hearts (especially in the picture above which might be my all time favorite so far). He is more fun than I ever could have imagined. Every month, I do a mini photo shoot with him and this time Daddy was able to participate! For his four-month photo shoot, I wanted to capture his rolly-polly legs before that cute chub is gone and his playful personality that is beginning to develop. He talks to us all day long and somehow we communicate even though neither of us are speaking anything other than baby gibberish of oooohs, coos, and ahhhhs.








Broderick, I hope you know just how loved you are because Mommy and Daddy just can’t get enough of you! I am fully aware that I have turned into “one of those Moms” that shares way to many pictures of her kids but I can’t help it. I prooooomise to post about something other than this little guy next time!!!!


Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 3

This picture of the week business is much harder than I thought. I find Friday’s are just coming quicker and quicker and it’s only week 3! Since the days are still so short if I don’t photograph a picture on the weekend I am subject to photographing indoors or at night.

This picture of the tulips, a sweet present from Ry, was taken on our dining room table with no flash only our hideous, industrial, it-came-with-the-apartment ceiling light.  I used our favorite Nikkor 35mm lens at f/4, 1/50, ISO 1600.

Happy weekend to all!

kim’s surprise birthday bash.

Our favorite starlet celebrated her 30th birthday two weeks ago with a surprise party organized by her amazing husband Chris. Word on the street is that Kim has never been surprised before — in Elementary school her friends came to drag her out of bed to surprise her but when they arrived she was already ready!!!!! I think he pulled off a successful surprise and quite a party!!!


And here she is – the birthday girl arriving at her party!


So Much Girly in One Clutch

This morning I sat down to my computer with my coffee and started my usual visits to the morning websites: Coco + Kelley, Etsy, Style Me Pretty (I know, I really should stop looking at this, but they feature such amazing weddings I can’t help myself), and a little celeb gossip Perez Hilton. I came across these totally cute clutches that I am dying to own! I am actually dying to buy one so that I can take it apart and learn how to make them myself! These are a perfect mix of sophisticated girly!

Range in price from $80-155

The clutches are all designed by two sisters Fumi and Himi Bull who started the company called Davie & Chiyo.  The clutches can be bought from their store on Etsy or their website,