21 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Wow….love at first sight…with ur blog πŸ™‚ and if those are ur sketched pics then u r just much more beyond ‘gifted’…’talented’…’extra-ordinary’ πŸ™‚ Cheers to u both !

    • awwww…thank you all so much for the kind comments!!!! As for the sketched pictures – unfortunately, I did not draw those. It was actually a photograph from a birthday card given to me by my best friend. I scanned the front on the card and turned them into “sketches” using photoshop filters and lots of contrast/erasing. Thank you again for the kind words!

    • Thank you Gina!! The template is Twenty Eleven with the custom CSS upgrade (I think it is only $15 per year). This allows you to “hide” things, change link colors, change the blog width, among other things! I have to say it was great money spent because I was just not finding a simple template that really let my photos be the focus without lots of distractions. I am not a computer coder and did it all myself and while it was fairly easy it did take about two days before I had it looking like I wanted. I am sure if you know how to read “code” this is a very easy thing to do, but I was stuck having to google everything. When I got stuck, I wrote into wordpress.com for help and someone responded within a short amount of time. Good luck!!

  2. Greetings from England.. I came across your blog by pure chance and wanted to tell you how beautiful your photos are and your blog for that matter! Can I ask what type of photo editor you use? Thank you for such an inspiring blog πŸ™‚ Hollie xx

    • Hi Hollie! Thank you so much for the kind comments. I use a mix of Aperature and Photoshop CS5. Most of my edits for the blog are done using CS5. Hope that helps!

  3. Hi there!
    Sitting in Vienna/Austria/Europe and trying hard to get more Skills in Coding/Webdesign etc.
    Found your great BLOG while searching for nice WordPress-Themes.

    Congrats! Your Site is absolutely awesome – I put it to my favourites…

    All the best from Vienna!

  4. What a lovely classy blog. I’m a school librarian in Essex, England in search of a decent WordPress theme for my library and your blog was featured. What lovely photos and creativity. We are so lucky to be able to record our special moments like this and I enjoyed the exploration even though I felt slightly voyeuristic! Thanks for giving this WP novice some ideas about not only WP versatility but blogs in general. And I’m still not sure what popovers are but it’s probably a similar problem we have over here with Yorkshire puddings! We have to aim for perfection.

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