Christmas Fireworks!

One of our favorite festivities is the Manhattan Beach Christmas fireworks, in fact it was our first real dates way back in 2003!  This year, we started the night out at a Christmas party with my sister, Taylor and Alana at their strand house.  From their we walked a bit closer to the pier and had a great time watching with a bunch of friends.  It was a great show, Merry Christmas!

Manhattan Beach Pier

31/365 - Fireworks

Us ball

Check out our sideshow here, and if you want to download a particular shot, try here.

Wait, I have seen this dress before…..On me!!!!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

I spent countless hours and tried on hundreds (seriously, hundreds) of dresses to find my wedding dress. During all of the fittings, veil matching, and coordination of jewelry and shoes, I had learned every detail of my dress.  I know the lace pattern, the thick netting in the lace (this I learned because my Mom hated this part of the dress), the way that the lace grazes the top edge of the dress, and the bottom scalloped edge! I even know what the lining under the dress looks like!

So, last night I happened to look over at the TV to see Paula Abdul presenting at the American Music Awards. The first thing I saw was this black, lace, mermaid dress that looked strikingly similar to my wedding dress. I hit rewind and watched her walk out again – Yes this was my wedding dress! I knew it was but I needed proof to seal the deal.

This morning on Perez Hilton I found this:

Confirmed, ENZOANI gown!

Thankfully, my life-long supporter, my Mom, told me that I looked better in it! That’s what Mom’s are for right?!

UPDATE: My husband just told me I looked better in it too! 🙂