Wait, I have seen this dress before…..On me!!!!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

I spent countless hours and tried on hundreds (seriously, hundreds) of dresses to find my wedding dress. During all of the fittings, veil matching, and coordination of jewelry and shoes, I had learned every detail of my dress.  I know the lace pattern, the thick netting in the lace (this I learned because my Mom hated this part of the dress), the way that the lace grazes the top edge of the dress, and the bottom scalloped edge! I even know what the lining under the dress looks like!

So, last night I happened to look over at the TV to see Paula Abdul presenting at the American Music Awards. The first thing I saw was this black, lace, mermaid dress that looked strikingly similar to my wedding dress. I hit rewind and watched her walk out again – Yes this was my wedding dress! I knew it was but I needed proof to seal the deal.

This morning on Perez Hilton I found this:

Confirmed, ENZOANI gown!

Thankfully, my life-long supporter, my Mom, told me that I looked better in it! That’s what Mom’s are for right?!

UPDATE: My husband just told me I looked better in it too! 🙂