Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 41

35mm f/2 ISO 640 1/50

Oh hello, bridal magic! I tell you, I love me some veil and Kimberly wears it like an angel!


Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 27

It’s official and I am happy to say that my little brother got married this past weekend! The wedding was filled with love, beauty, and lots of family! Bill Quinn was the official photographer for this wedding but of course I couldn’t let the day pass without snapping a few pictures. Since, I am in SF I do not have access to all the pictures, but Ryan was kind enough to send me one for my picture of the week. Until I do a full post, please feel free to check out Quinn Photography’s blog post if you want to see more pictures from the day!

As for the new logo, I am pretty sure I change it every month and am just working on it until something sticks! Not sure if I will keep Shannon Càit but until I come up with something better, Shannon Càit it is!


Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 21

I tell you, veils are my fav! I could photograph a bride in a veil allllll day long! I treasure the opportunity to photograph certain moments and experiences that can only be experienced a few times in a persons lifetime such as:

1. A Naked Baby: I mean seriously, how many times in your life are you completely comfortable and totally adorable naked and can actually have your picture taken in this state without a worry?


2. A Bride in a Veil: Again, it’s not everyday a girl gets to walk around with a piece of magic fabric flowing behind her; and yes the fabric is magic because it turns a beautiful girl into a briddddde.


Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 16

Isn’t she looooove-ly (in Stevie Wonder singing voice)?! Best part of all, she is my sister. She is a fierce, beautiful, little bundle of compassion and love. She does not care what the rest of the world thinks about her decisions and in fact, I am not sure she even cares what she thinks about them. She is decisive (something I cannot even remotely relate to) and lives with that choice whether good or bad.  Although she is my little sister, she teaches me things she does not even know — such as thrill of living for the moment and not thinking about saving for tomorrow or the joy of messy Jeep hair.

As I write this, I know she is busy working studying for law school with her little pups by her side hoping to achieve what we all know is possible for her….Elle Woods glory! Entertainment Weekly said she is “blond, bubbly, and carries a a tiny Chihuahua…” and I am pretty sure they were talking about my sister (although we will swap out Bruiser for her lhasa apso and bullenese).

I love you sis and thanks for posing for this beautiful picture for me taken with FILM!