Sunday Walks

Taking a quick walk around town is a great way to end a week and start a new one. Here are some shots from ours today, hope you enjoy!

1st Anniversary Road Trip – Day 1 – Havasupai Point, Grand Canyon AZ

To celebrate our first anniversary Shan and I decided to visit the Grand Canyon and Utah over Labor day weekend.  From Los Angeles we planned to go straight to Havasupai Point, as rather shockingly, neither of us had ever been to the Grand Canyon.   The long drive went by quickly because we were blown away by the areas beauty.

Off highway 180 before entering the Grand Canyon national park, we left the highway at FS road 328.  It was smooth sailing till we got to the closed gate  marking Havasupai reservation land.  The guard shack was pretty creepy, burned out mattresses, empty bottles, cattle skulls, lots of trash and an atv on blocks with no wheels.  Fortunately nobody was there to take our $25 so we continued on, the road entered a  beautiful meadow and we saw cattle and even a wild horse.  We made a right on Prairie wash road the landscape changed to forest and the road narrowed a bit.

At this point we hadn’t gotten a glimpse of the Grand Canyon and we were getting antsy.  I didn’t plan for the dirt roads to last 2 hours.  Our  patience paid off big time, we reached Havasupai Point and the view of the Grand Canyon was spectacular! Wow, what a place! To my surprise we had the whole place to ourselves, in fact we didn’t see anybody else the whole road in, the whole time we were there or the road out!

We snapped some pictures of the sunset and Shan whipped up some tasty jambalaya.  This place seemed incredibly quiet, I remember how loud the airplanes were thousands of feet above, before the crickets started it was the only audible sound.  Dusk, quickly became a black night lit by countless stars which were equally impressive when compared to the views from the cliff.  Neither one of us were used to the remote and isolated feeling of this place so it was a bit creepy.  We awoke just before 6am for the sunrise, snapped some pics, packed up with the intent of stopping by the Grand Canyon NP and heading to Toroweap.  Although, night 1 was a bit more adventure than we bargained for it was a great start to the trip!

Surprise Dodger Date Night!

My wife is awesome!

She recently surprised me with Dodger tickets for no other reason than being nice.  Being married definitely has it’s perks!

The Dodgers beat the Mets 2-0 behind a Matt Kemp home run in an exciting game (keep in mind, this was a few weeks back before they gave away all hopes of making the playoffs).

To top things off, Shan got her first foul ball in a manner I’m not sure ever will be duplicated.  The ball came in at  a trajectory to our left and the crowd all moved that direction, at the last second it deflected off the 2nd deck and shot directly down into her beer! Which was in the cup holder! The most amazing part is that beer splashed everybody around, except for Shan! Amazing!  Great night on the town and a souvenir, I’m a lucky guy!

Where the rubber hits the road

In eighth grade I discovered blue Kryptonic skateboard wheels and I’ve been happily rolling around on them ever since.  I remember buying my first set from E.T. Surfboards in Hermosa Beach, CA.  To be honest, I don’t think I’ve been loyal to any one product for longer. Soft, but not too soft, big, but too big and just the right grippiness for my mix of carving and powerslides.

Whether I’m doing hill section runs, bouncing around UCSB’s campus or schlepping myself from my parking garage to my downtown LA highrise, these wheels have never let me down.  

Marco Polo Softball

Shan and I play co-ed softball once a week on a team with our closest friends, it’s something that I look forward to every week.  Between the mens league and the coed I am basically playing all year round.  This years team in a mix of newcomers and veterans and it’s a blast.  Each week we get better and better.  Last game we lost a tough one coming back from a nine deficit only to lose by two runs…and get this…we had the bases loaded and two out when the game ended.  (The pictures below are from last week’s loss.)

Coming off such a tough loss tonight we came out with great energy and had one of the best all-around games in Marco history.  We won handily and everybody contributed with all around strong defense and timely hitting.  Highlights of the game included strong outfield play by Andy, nice defense by Katie and 3 timely RBIs by our girl batters. As manager, I was proud. –Can’t wait for next week MARCO!

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