Surprise Dodger Date Night!

My wife is awesome!

She recently surprised me with Dodger tickets for no other reason than being nice.  Being married definitely has it’s perks!

The Dodgers beat the Mets 2-0 behind a Matt Kemp home run in an exciting game (keep in mind, this was a few weeks back before they gave away all hopes of making the playoffs).

To top things off, Shan got her first foul ball in a manner I’m not sure ever will be duplicated.  The ball came in at  a trajectory to our left and the crowd all moved that direction, at the last second it deflected off the 2nd deck and shot directly down into her beer! Which was in the cup holder! The most amazing part is that beer splashed everybody around, except for Shan! Amazing!  Great night on the town and a souvenir, I’m a lucky guy!