The Balance Beam

Shan loves to do hand stands, it’s one of the many tricks left over from her youth as a competitive gymnast.  It’s been many years since she’d done her old beam routine but without any hesitation she jumped right up on the Venice Beach balance beam and got to it!  Me and many bystanders on the beach were very impressed with her skills.  She got some applause and an elderly man called it “just beautiful,” I agreed.

Of course there was just a bit of rust,

But don’t worry everybody, if you look closely she’s actually smiling during the fall.  After we dusted the sand off, she was good to go.

Let the Good Times Roll! Happy Birthday Charlie!

It has been a big month for our buddy Charlie, awesome new job, big move to San Diego, his super beautiful girlfriend said “YES” and is going to marry him!…


…to top it off…

…she and his cousin threw him an awesome SURPRISE PARTY!  He is on a roll! Shan and I are so happy for both Vivian and Chuck, they couldn’t be better people…Congratulations!!!

Kudos to Annie, Vivian and Cafe Bugaloo for putting together a great night!

To view a small slide show click here.

Where the rubber hits the road

In eighth grade I discovered blue Kryptonic skateboard wheels and I’ve been happily rolling around on them ever since.  I remember buying my first set from E.T. Surfboards in Hermosa Beach, CA.  To be honest, I don’t think I’ve been loyal to any one product for longer. Soft, but not too soft, big, but too big and just the right grippiness for my mix of carving and powerslides.

Whether I’m doing hill section runs, bouncing around UCSB’s campus or schlepping myself from my parking garage to my downtown LA highrise, these wheels have never let me down.