Broderick | 4 Month


As I told you yesterday, this little guy has stolen our hearts (especially in the picture above which might be my all time favorite so far). He is more fun than I ever could have imagined. Every month, I do a mini photo shoot with him and this time Daddy was able to participate! For his four-month photo shoot, I wanted to capture his rolly-polly legs before that cute chub is gone and his playful personality that is beginning to develop. He talks to us all day long and somehow we communicate even though neither of us are speaking anything other than baby gibberish of oooohs, coos, and ahhhhs.








Broderick, I hope you know just how loved you are because Mommy and Daddy just can’t get enough of you! I am fully aware that I have turned into “one of those Moms” that shares way to many pictures of her kids but I can’t help it. I prooooomise to post about something other than this little guy next time!!!!


Hear Me Roar

I have anxiously been awaiting Halloween because this will be baby B’s first holiday and yes, we are all about firsts around here! Even though Broderick fell asleep two blocks into our outing, this was by far my favorite Halloween in a long while! I had a whole new appreciation for all the adorable kids walking around dressed in costumes.  Those kids used to annoy me on Halloween because I had to stop for an extra long time at each crosswalk so everyone could cross and had to be re-routed because certain streets were closed. I know, I was a scrooge! That former annoyance now brought me so much joy.

While trying to put Broderick to sleep, I took a late afternoon walk around town and saw the beginning of the Halloween festivities beginning. Instead of being annoyed by the kids, I was excited.  They filled my heart filled with happiness.  I wondered how many times they each changed their mind before walking out the door for their big night. I saw parents holding hands with pride. I saw big smiles from the kids and even bigger smiles from parents.  I wanted Ryan to come home right away so he could share this new joy the children brought to the holiday.  Joy in the most unexpected ways.

Even though Broderick slept for almost the whole night he was the cutest little lion I ever saw and couldn’t help but smile every time I saw him and all the other kids on the street. Tonight, I gladly wait through two waves of people at the crosswalk and just smiled.

Happy Halloween!