Project: Birth Announcement

One of my favorite hobbies is working with Photoshop and paper! So when Melissa talked to me about creating a baby announcement for her little Riley-Man, I was so excited to start! Although, I don’t work in Photoshop or printing for a living, so I was slightly nervous to create something for someone else!

We scanned through some of the favorites from the Riley-Man photoshoot shot by Ryan and settled on using my favorite picture (#23 out of 365).   After, final approval from Melissa, we sent them off to the printer and kept our fingers crossed!

The announcements turned out so beautiful and Riley looks so precious! Boy, I couldn’t be happier with them — wheww, what a relief!

1 thought on “Project: Birth Announcement

  1. Hi, Sorry I do not speack English very Well. 🙂
    I am a Belgian collector to birth announcements.
    And I see you have had a child, so I was wondering if you would be willing to send his birth announcements?
    Thank you.
    Could you answer me on my email address: coraline.mathet @

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