Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 41

Photo: Shell Island, Florida

She is beautiful. She is quirky. She is funny. Best of all, She is my sister. She was obviously the much cooler, older sister. She knew about New Kids on the Block far before I ever heard of Joey or Jordan and already had her pick for who she would marry – Jordan of course! She provided me with the 90210 episode summaries when I came home from gymnastics too late and had already missed the show {pre-tivo days}. We would spend hours “cleaning our room” {only to be found laughing for most of those hours and spending the last few minutes shoving everything under the trundle bed – and that sucker had a lot of room!}. She liked purple and I liked pink – talk about the sister perfect combo! She was the sister that I would bond with, love, annoy, and look up to during those days and for the rest of my life.

She will always be my older sister {but i just might be slightly taller than her now}. I love you sis and thanks for the fun visit {more pictures to come soon}!