Texture + Light

Just messing around with the camera today and decided to see what I could do with some items around the house focusing on textures and light.
This was a new blanket I picked up from Restoration Hardware that seems to add just the right amount of texture to a room. 
Invitations seem to be flooding our house lately and these wedding invitations, made by the bride, Alexandra of Alexandra Works, were nothing short of beautiful.
And lastly, a sand dollar that Ryan and I found on the beach during a run a few weekends ago. One of my favorite things, is when Ryan brings me home sand dollars he found while on his beach run. I love that he takes care when making his selection and will never bring home a less than perfect one. I was lucky enough to actually find my first perfect sand dollar that day and don’t worry, I am still shaking sand out of it!
Happy Sunday!

DIY | Love Story Beverage Tray

If you remember, we hosted a bridal shower for my sister-in-law a few months ago posted here. One of the many projects was a beverage tray for the champagne buffet.  When I couldn’t find a tray that matched the theme, I resorted to making my own {actually, I made two}! The best part, the whole cost of the project was under $14!

Because my hands were full of either paint or glue, I was not able to take step-by-step pictures, but in short…

– Wooden tray from Michaels – $3 with 40% off coupon
– Mod Podge – $6
– Paint Brush – free
– Gold Stamp Pad– free
– Custom Paper {psd or .jpg} – free
– Paint – I used an ivory acrylic paint– $1.79
– Sand Paper {not pictured} – free
– Twine {not pictured} – free
– Hot Glue {not pictured} – free

– Download paper from links above {or use your own}
– Print paper onto 11×17 paper and cut to fit inside of tray
– Paint wooden tray
– Sand edges to give a worn look
– Apply light amounts of gold (I used an ink pad) to sanded edges and wipe off excess
– Place paper inside of tray to test fit. Remove paper and apply a thin layer of mod podge to bottom of tray. Place paper into bottom of tray pressing out any air bubbles. Let dry.
– Apply one or two layers of mod podge to top of paper to give it a “seal”.
– Wrap twine around handles for accent and hot glue the end making sure the twine end stops on the backside of the handle.
– Grab drinks and place onto tray for display!