Travel | Salt Lake City

After a mere 12 hours in the car covering over 700 miles we arrived at Salt Lake City with two sore butts in need of a bed and some food. You would think after this long trek we would just crash at the hotel but not the case when you roll with me, Mrs. I-want-to-do-and-see-it-all! I told Ryan that I reallllly wanted to see the Temple and couldn’t leave SLC without seeing it. Of course, Ry couldn’t begin to understand why I wanted to see it so bad but I have a deep love for beautiful churches simply because they just don’t make them like they used to. Despite Ryan constantly referred to it as a Cathedral, I think he finally understood its significance when I tried to explain to him that this is the mecca of the Morman church, kind of like the Vatican in Rome.

I was dying to see the inside of this magnificent building, but obviously we were not permitted so we opted to see the replica in the Visitors Center. I was shocked to see that the inside is filled with over a dozen individual rooms rather than one large aisle with pews like a traditional Catholic church.

We ran into an older gentleman serving as a tour guide who explain that the Morman Tabernacle Choir was rehearsing later that evening and that it was the “hottest show in town”. Ryan was about to send a message out to his tweeps letting them know where the party was at but instead we opted for the Beehive Bar.  

After enjoying our dinner at the Beehive, we headed to bed as we had a 3am wake-up call scheduled because we would be traveling to Glacier National Park in Montana! Unfortunately, our party at the Morman Tabernacle Choir would have to wait until next time.