manhattan beach beauty.

Pictures of the Manhattan Beach Pier or the light blue lifeguard towers have been captured thousands of times by photographers and tourist alike, so while these pictures are nothing new to Manhattan Beach locals, they were just pretty pictures that Ryan and I captured a few Saturdays ago.

Ryan took this picture using our Tokina 12-24mm, f/4 (one of his more favorite lens):

These next two pictures I took —  one of the lifeguard tower and the other of the pier.  This summer all of the lifeguard towers from Zuma Beach to Palos Verdes were painted in funky colors as part of Santa Monica-based nonprofit Portraits of Hope’s project titled, Summer of Color. Nearly, 6,000 children in schools, hospitals, and social service programs and thousands of adult volunteers were involved in the painting of the panels which were installed on the walls of the lifeguard towers.  The panels have now been removed and the lifeguard towers have been returned to their standard light blue, but here is a picture I took of one of the colorful towers before the panels were taken down.

And lastly, my picture of the pier captured during low tide at sunset.