DIY | Welcome Baskets | Beer

Several people have recently asked if I ever did a recap of projects from our wedding…the answer is no. Frankly, after our wedding was over I was SPENT! I did not want to think about another trip to Michael’s or another phone call with my wedding planner (haha…this was actually my Mom who I called Tres Fabu during this time to differentiate Mom mode vs. wedding planner mode). After our wedding,  I was officially “weddinged out”.  I never did a recap or explained each project and I will tell you, there were a lot. So, while our wedding was almost two years ago, I still think some of our projects will be helpful to potential brides and don’t worry, I am not going to go wedding crazy again and start planning a vow renewal anytime soon!!! While I do not have pictures of all of the DIY projects, I will try to weed them into the blog with as much detail as I can.

The first project I will feature are the welcome gift baskets our guests received.  Guests had the choice between a beer or champagne basket. The beer baskets included:

Photo by Lyndsay Undseth

1. Home Brewed Beer: I came up with this idea because in my research for “Welcome Baskets” most articles said to include something local from the area (New Orleans = Pralines, Vermont = Maple, etc). I could not think of anything local to include as my town is not known for much except gold mining and I could not afford to buy a vile of gold for everyone (sorry guests).   My Dad has brewed beer as a hobby for several years and I thought it would be a fun touch to have a special batch brewed for the wedding. I designed the labels and called it “Padre’s El Dorado Ale” (Padre is the nickname we gave to my Dad in 9th grade when I began learning Spanish). My Mom printed my design onto waterproof labels which were then affixed to the beer bottles.

2. Custom Map of Local Area: I fell in looooove with Laura Hooper’s custom maps and  had to have one of these but with our limited budget I knew I had to resort to the DIY version. I had my sister draw a map using a Sharpie marker which was then scanned into the computer where I used Photoshop to color in each individual area (tutorial to hopefully come).Obviously, this is a far cry from having a custom Laura Hooper map, but it was the best I could do.

3. Chex® Muddy Buddies®: Um….basically the best things ever. If you are not familiar with these, here is the recipe.I purchased mini canning jars for $.99 each at Michael’s and filled with this yummy mix.

4. Bag of Peanuts: You can’t have beer without peanuts! I purchased mini muslin bags from Etsy and purchased a custom rubber stamp from which I designed myself.  I stamped the bags with red Colorbox ink purchased from Michaels.

I tied everything up with red yarn and dropped off at the hotel to be distributed to the guests. Note: Please check with your hotel to make sure they will allow gift baskets, especially if they include alcohol.

I love the idea being welcomed with a little basket of goodies, because seriously, who doesn’t like an extra snack or two after a few hours of traveling!



 I have been in loooove with these hangers since they first appeared on Style Me Pretty. Fast forward a few years and yep, I am still in love! For my sister-in-law’s bridal shower gift, I wanted to get her something that she would be able to use on her wedding day and this hanger from Lila Francis was just perfect…unique, sentimental, and made my heart pitter-patter because I know how cute it will be in the photos!!

If you need a bridal shower gift for that special someone, go to Lila Francis‘s shop as she has lots of other cute items for sale, but please keep in mind it takes about 8-10 weeks for her to complete your order but she tells you this before you order, so no surprises!!