If this 19-month year old doesn’t melt your heart you may need to consider a visit along with the Tin Woodman to the land of Oz for new one (pretty sure they have one of those there) because he sure melts mine!

Blowing kisses to the camera right before he takes off running down the street dancing with his doggie, Minnie.

This was just a quick mini session I did with Riley while home visiting. Thankfully the rain held off enough for us to go outside for a bit and grab a few shots of this little bugger!

To view the complete session visit here.


Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 5

Ryan’s work schedule left us staying a few nights in the city.  enjoying each other.  the lights.  the energy.

My Friday picture of the week was taken on our walk to dinner. I wanted to capture the energy of the city while preventing Ryan from getting lost among the crowd, the buildings, and the lights.

The rest of the pictures were taken while walking around or from inside the California Club.

Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 2

As you can probably tell, this picture was taken in Downtown LA. Some of the pedestrian bridges offer fantastic views of the streets below.  While this picture was taken during the day, I hope to bring my tripod one day and get a picture of same view at night.  Happy Friday!