BLUSH PINK, oh how you speak to me like no other color. You are happy. You are just the most perfect color in the whole wide world.  You make me giddy, smiley, and want to paint a whole room in your beautiful tones. You make my heart pitter-patter…just a bit. No doubt, you were my first choice for bridesmaid’s dresses because you are perfect in every way.  Show me a pair of pants in this beautiful color and those babies are coming home with me! Make them high-waisted and I might have to buy two of you!

Mix it with this yummy YSL lipstick and you might just have to peel these suckers off of me because I-don’t-wanna-take-them-off! Pink pants you will sit nicely hung in my closet, until we meet again.


Waterfall Braid

This waterfall braid is definitely going to be my new summer go to hair style – it keeps hair off my face, works best with dirty or styled hair, and can be done on the fly. While the first time I tried I looked like I did my hair while standing in a wind tunnel with Edward Scissorhands, once I actually stood in front of the mirror and watched what my hands were doing, I was able to end up with a cleaner, styled braid. Here is the video I used to learn the process….good luck!



I just returned from SF and got a chance to look at all the photos from my brothers wedding and I could not wait to post this picture. The second I took it, I knew I got what I wanted. This photo captures the essence of a wedding — a beautiful bride in a serene setting on the outside, but behind the scenes, chaos, decisions, and delegation of tasks. Three bridesmaids all working to support and lend a hand to their dearest friend and sister on her special day.