Engaged | Thai & Kristina| Placerville

Sorry for the lack of posts, but we have been in Costa Rica for the past 10 days and if you have ever been there you know computers are the last thing on your mind!! We are still working on getting the pictures from our trip together, but here is a set I took over the Thanksgiving weekend. I was able to shoot this engagement session along with my Dad, the man behind Kevin George Photography.

Thai & Kristina met in high school and have been dating ever since. After several years of dating, Ty finally proposed with a beautiful ring and Kristina said yes. Ty & Kristina bared the cold mountain air and kept the laughs up all the way until we ran out of light!

Thanks to Kevin George Photography for letting me come along and to Thai & Kristina for braving the weather! Congratulations guys!!

This tree was trickier to climb than it looks but these guys had no problem hoisting each other up and making it happen!

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day!

crisp morning air.

As mentioned in a previous post, we spent last weekend at my parent’s house. On Friday morning, I found myself the first one up and to prevent from waking everyone else up, I took Tasha, the german shepperd, on a morning walk to the pond. While there, we watched the ducks skim across the water attempting to catch their morning meal.¬† Here are some of the pretty pictures to start off your morning!


Later that day, the sky began to billow up and created the most massive and gorgeous clouds I think I have ever seen. Ryan has been looking for the perfect chance to really put our new Tokina 12-24mm lens to good use, so this was his chance.

Ryan really did a great job of capturing the clouds in a natural, not overprocessed way. I love to see the differences in how Ryan and I photograph a scene. Ryan is much more focused on strong geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and very sharp exposures while I tend to favor slightly overexposed, softer images. I think these two sets of images show our different styles fairly well.