Celebrating with Family

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Ryan’s family in Manhattan Beach on Thursday and then drove to Placerville on Friday¬† morning to celebrate with my family.

Here is a picture I snapped out of the car window somewhere on I-5 between Los Banos and Coalinga.

Each year I look forward to setting the table with my Mom’s china and her crystal. I am in amazement that she picked out her china pattern when she was just 19 years old and yet somehow, 30 years later her china is almost a perfect painting of their new home in the gold foothills filled with fences, horses, and rolling hills. My Mom made another fantastic Thanksgiving feast filled with some family favorites: twice-baked potatoes, pumpkin pie, cheesecake, stuffing, and cornbread!

In high school, I worked at the local coffee shop Bella Bru. As a former two time, Bella Bru employee-of-the-month (no joke!), we always try to make a stop in just for old time sake.

Here is another picture, out of the car window, taken on I-5 somewhere near Kettleman City on the drive home. The clouds were looming in the distance all day and they made for spectacular lighting!

Ryan took this picture right before we got on the Grapevine. We heard reports of snow on the Grapevine, so we were happy that the clouds held off until we got through.

It was a short trip and there is never enough time to fill the empty spot in my heart that yearns for family and old friends, but even just the short time there helps keep me held over until Christmas!