Yesterday, we  got the great news – our wedding was published in “Our Wedding” magazine!

Ryan and I were contacted about this several months ago and we were so happy about the possibility of being in a magazine, but I wasn’t sure if we were “good enough” to make the final cut! So, after several scheduling conflicts, we finalized a time to be interviewed by Marie Rood. Back in February, over Saturday morning coffee, we had our telephonic interview with Ms. Rood.  We chatted with her for over an hour, which was actually a lot of fun to relive the day again and hear Ryan’s take on things! Due to the long interview, and my tenancy to tell all,  I was pretty nervous about what she would actually write up!  Ms. Rood and the magazine did an amazing job and we have our photographer, Lyndsay Undseth, to thank for making this happen!