Untraditional Thanksgiving

The beach is just a part of our life here is Los Angeles and these pictures are a perfect example of that. As much as I have always hoped to one day spend a Thanksgiving among the beautiful east coast trees full of orange, red, and golden leaves, I am a California girl and here in Los Angeles, we have an endless summer made up of palm trees, sand, and light weight scarfs that eventually leave you sweating because it just isn’t hot enough to actually need one. Sad, but true.

This all leads me to our Thanksgiving morning which began with a walk on the beach and a quick surf in the Pacific Ocean before heading to the grandparents for a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. While it may not be what most people envision for Thanksgiving morning, it was our morning. Spending it enjoying this beautiful land that God created for us to enjoy with lots of family and laughter – now that is something to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!