are you red-dy?

One of my newest summer loves is red lipstick – I’m not sure if its from watching too many episodes of the City or from her beautiful lips in this picture but either way I had to give it a try (Note: She is wearing Red Lizard from Nars Cosmetics).

I know your thinking, really, red lips?

Since, I was not sure if red lips were for me, I decided to buy a more budget friendly¬† brand of red lipstick before I made the splurge. After trying a few different lipsticks on the back of my hand at the store, I decided on Maybelline’s Are you Red-dy (#625) and paired it with Bobbi Brown gloss in Peony.

Now, I can tell you —¬† I am hooked!

You will definitely be seeing more red lips on this girl! I might even have to try out the Red Lizard and see if it’s worth the extra $$!