Ladurée Macaron | At Last

If you are a loyal reader, you have read of my love of macarons and macaron recipe trials here, so you can bet I was over the moon when I found myself in Paris a few weeks ago and standing across the street from Ladurée…yes, just feet from the world-renowned Ladurée macaron. And let me just say, the chandeliers, pretty pastels, beautiful packaging, and mouth water treats were enough to call it a day and set up shop inside the store, but the actual treats were enough to make me dream of moving to France to work as a Ladurée baker!

As far as setting up shop inside the store, that is exactly what we did. No joke. We spent so long deciding which treats to buy and taking in all the decor that my Dad managed to find a cafe and grab a beer while us girls “ooooh’ed” and “ahhhh’ed” over the treats.  Every inch of the store was covered in design inspiration and no detail was left untouched. You know a shop is doing something right, when there is a security guard in a cookie store! Obviously, said security guard did not permit pictures, so I did my best to capture Ladurée at it’s best. I picked up a few more of these delicious treats at the Paris airport and brought them home, so Ryan could get a little taste of France and we froze the rest in hopes of savoring every last crumb in the weeks to come.