Animal House

Beautiful. Powerful. Friendly. Funny. A horse is all of those things to me. Beautiful are the markings, hair, mane, and trot. Powerful describes their overwhelming muscles that stare you in the eyes. Friendly, hold a carrot in your hand and that horse can’t get enough! And funny? Well that goes to their teeth and lips of course! Remember this picture?? (it’s a must see so please click the link if you want a laugh!) We saw these horses at the Longshadow Ranch Winery this weekend while wine tasting in Temecula. This blonde horse was my favorite!!! Maybe because I am sort of jealous of his/her summer bleached look!I hope to try and ride a horse one of these days – I haven’t done it since I was seven years old while camping with my sister’s Brownie troop in Yosemite!