The Balance Beam

Shan loves to do hand stands, it’s one of the many tricks left over from her youth as a competitive gymnast.  It’s been many years since she’d done her old beam routine but without any hesitation she jumped right up on the Venice Beach balance beam and got to it!  Me and many bystanders on the beach were very impressed with her skills.  She got some applause and an elderly man called it “just beautiful,” I agreed.

Of course there was just a bit of rust,

But don’t worry everybody, if you look closely she’s actually smiling during the fall.  After we dusted the sand off, she was good to go.

random pieces of our life.

This collection of pictures have never made it into the blog for one reason or another, but they are still some of my favorites that just make me smile. They represent a quick glimpse into the random pieces of our lives that make up the everyday.


For as long as I can remember handstands have been a part of my life. I have been trying for years to teach Ryan to do one, because I can’t fathom the idea of someone NOT being able to bust out a handstand on command – I mean, really they might just be the best thing ever!



Ryan took this picture at Ya Ya’s Boutique in the El Segundo Plaza. Usually, I prefer more soft, subtle earth tones and whites, but I love the bright pops of color in this picture and the way the gold of the statue looks against the background.


The smooth sand, mixed with the colorful blue water, and the way Ryan was able to capture my quick escape from the waves – just love it.



This picture was taken last Valentines Day during our beach walk. We saw tons of ladybugs that day and I wanted so badly to have a Macro lens to capture this guy with. Until then, those extreme close up insect pictures will have to wait.




Walking into a perfect supermarket (or Michael’s Crafts for that matter) you feel as though you have just walked into a box of endless possibly. The combination of items you can put together to create a true work of art are endless.  Do you buy butter and apples for pie or apples and blueberries for dessert?  This photo represents the endless choices available to us at the store and the immaculate shelves Cook’s Market always keeps.




This goofy fun photo was taken in El Porto one Friday night after a long work week. After we got done snapping these pictures, we walked back  to the car and drove home. Once home, I sat on the couch to relax a bit before dinner. Little did I know, while at the beach, I had sat in tar! In the matter of 10 minutes I had caused a 6″ streak of black tar on our tan car cushion and another streak on our ivory couches. Lets just say we spent the rest of the night research how to remove tar from fabric. We tried WD-40 because it got great reviews and rubbing —  the rubbing alcohol was the winner!



This picture was taken immediately after we bought our 12-24mm Tokina. It represents our daily life here in El Segundo and Ryan’s always active personality. While I spent my childhood at the gym flipping and tumbling, Ry was hitting the streets on his skateboard. Both of us still have much love for our childhood hobbies and I love watching Ryan hop (or whatever its called, ollie?) over random curbs as we make our way through El Segundo.




Not sure why I like this picture, but I do and its the end of the post anyways so the words say it all.