Camping Pretty

The hubs and I are thinking about a camp trip sometime soon and I can’t help but wish we were sleeping in this…

source: chanelbagsandcigarettedrags

Doesn’t it just make you want to cuddle up and snuggle extra close while watching the crackling fire through the tent?  I think the Mister is hoping for something more practical, but this is what our tent would look like in my camping dreams!

These items are also in my camping dreams – a Michael Kors Shearling Vest?! Give that to me now because I will surely freeze without it! As for more practical items, if you don’t already have, I totally recommend the GSI wine glasses (surprise from Ry last camping trip), Rolla Roasters (a totally must for any sort of marshmallow roasting), and Starbucks Via!

1. Michael Kors Shearling Vest $650
2. Anthropologie Sari Throw $198
3. Starbucks VIA $29.95/30 packs
4. Vince Sweater $275
5. Vaseline Lip Balm $5.99
6. J Brand Jean Shorts $285
7. GSI Wine Glass $5.95
8. Rolla Roster roasting forks $12.50
9. Asos Fingerless Gloves $68.96
10. Sebago Boat Shoes $60