it’s my birthday and i’ll party if i want to.

Gosh, I sure am blessed with the best friends and family anyone could ask for! I was totally spoiled on my birthday and managed to spend the entire weekend celebrating!

On Saturday, after a day at the beach, we had dinner with Chris & Kim at Frito Misto in Hermosa which is one of my all-time favorite Italian places around! (When Ryan and I both lived in Hermosa we spent many date nights at this place). It is the best because you get large portions, the food is great, and best of all, only $2 corkage/person!

On Sunday, Suzi invited us over to her super fabulous pool in LA where we feasted on her yummy spread of mimosas, BBQ, and strawberry shortcake! Thanks to Kim, we even spotted a few of the dancers from So You Think You Can Dance — told you it was a super fabulous pool! Thanks for the fun time Suzi!

Monday was my actual birthday, which I spent at………Frito Misto! I have had spaghetti on my birthday for as long as I can remember and I couldn’t break the tradition now! Growing up, birthdays were always a very big deal around our house.

First the “Birthday Fairy” would come. What, is a “Birthday Fairy”?  Well, the birthday fairy might just be the coolest fairy around! She brings you a GIANT (like 5 ft tall) styrofoam number and hangs it in the house just so its clear whose birthday it really is!  Up next, was lunch at the birthday girl/boys favorite place, which was usually Sizzler! For the birthday dinner, you called the shots and Mom would cook whatever meal you wanted. For me it was always spaghetti. Growing up in a house of five children everyone had a different preference for what was cooked for dinner, so having your most favorite dinner in the whole wide world really was just about the best thing ever!

And this is why Frito Misto was in order for my birthday dinner. I was so happy Ryan’s family came out to celebrate with us!! I even got a funfetti cake from Suzi Cakes to end the evening with!

Thank you all (even those from a far) for a fabulous birthday!!!!!!!!