Nice View

I finally picked up my proofs from the lab yesterday and was reminded of these two pictures with a view.

When roaming the streets of Nice, France, my sister and I turned a corner and wa-bam! There staring at us is a massive Mr. Muscular Statue Man.  How about that for a welcome! Well, I couldn’t help but to snap a picture of the huge statue.  After doing a little research, it turns out this statue (Apollo) was banned for 22 years because it was thought to be too well-endowed and just made its return to the plaza last June. Standing at 21 feet tall, this guy is hard to miss! 

As for this picture, we were walking along the promenade and I found this single umbrella which I wanted to capture so I began adjusting my camera settings. The film camera takes a bit longer because everything has to be manually adjusted. Finally, my aperature is selected, shutter speed set, and focus set at infinity. I hold my camera up and…..oh no!  Two women on a stroll decide to stop right in my picture!  I am working with a fixed lens length (85mm) and standing on a ledge with no ability to move forwards or backwards. So, we wait. My sister so patiently waited with me for about 5 minutes for these two women to move. After no luck, I gave these women a silent count down.  As luck would have it, before I got to 10, the women had decided to continue their stroll which left me just enough time to snap this picture to which I am thankful we waited for.

I love both of these images and as they remind me of all beautiful views France has to offer. So, time for a serious question of the day, which view do you prefer?

Paris on Film

Our stay in Paris was filled with bakeries, cappuccinos, strolling, and window shopping at all the finest stores. We spent each morning walking the streets looking for a place to enjoy a croissant before starting the day. Everything in France is created with thought, skill, and pride which makes the products, food, and architecture have that little extra something special that we are lacking here in America.

As you can see, there is no shortage of pastry selections at the bakery and the best (or worst) part is that everything is terrific just like you always hear so it makes deciding on a treat quite difficult for someone like me who loves treats and struggles making decisions. (Side note: We went to a gelato stand that had 99 flavors, so you can imagine my head exploding as it took me 7 minutes to pick a gelato flavor).

Cappuccinos are one of my Dad’s favorite morning drinks, so he was always up for a little coffee break. I love this hat and tweed coat and thought he fit the Parisian part quite well.

We have countless pictures as there is never a shortage of beautiful things to photograph. The colorful doors, old windows, aged shutters, and cute flower boxes line every street, but yet the view just never gets old.


All photos taken with Fuji Pro 400h; Nikon FM3a; 50mm f/1.8 or 85mm f/1.4

Boscolo Hotel | Nice, France

I don’t think there has ever been a hotel with more perfect decor than that of the Boscolo Hotel in Nice, France. The all white concept is mixed so elegantly with modern and french provincial pieces giving it a perfectly glamorous look. I was dying over this bed and trying to figure out any way possible to get it back home with me. I contacted the hotel, which so kindly told me that the Cryus Company from Italy makes the bed.

Hurdle #1 – Can I find the headboard in the catalog? I immediately downloaded the catalog and started flipping through until I eventually saw it! Step 1 complete – the bed is still available for sale.

Hurdle #2 – Do they ship to the USA?  Yes – looks like they have a store in New York!

Hurdle #3 – Now how much does it cost?  A question I wondered throughout my trip because I was anxious to see if this bed could really be mine.  I contacted the Cryus Company shop in New York it turns out it costs roughly between…….  $9,000 – $11,000 depending on finish and fabric choice. Ahhhhh….talk about a dream crusher! While the bed is worth every penny, I am afraid this bed will have to wait to come home with me until after I invent my million dollar idea!

I have yet to find one that I love so much and has the elegance and charm of the Cryus Company bed, but looks like the search must continue.

Anyway,  onto the rest of the pictures!

This is the lobby of the hotel, which we didn’t get to spend nearly enough time in because we were out exploring the city of Nice. P.S. the Cyrus Company also makes these beautiful chairs which my sister and I did a little photo session in. More pictures on that to come!

Enjoying a special Mother’s Day honoring the heart of our family, my Mom, with a little bubbly, and fresh French treats. 

Our stay at the Boscolo was thoroughly enjoyed and we all look forward to coming back soon!


France First Glimpse

All taken with Fuji Pro 400h; Nikon FM3a

I was blessed and lucky enough to spend two weeks in France with my Mom, Dad, and oldest sister and had an amazing trip that we will never forget. I just got the film back today from Richards Photo Lab and have since been reliving all of the yummy treats, architecture, and landscape from our trip. Somehow, this office cube is appearing much more bleak and dull by the minute and I am hoping if I close my eyes real tight and click my heels, the magic Ladurée fairy will appear and transport me back!  You can probably imagine the amount of pictures collected over my 12-day trip, and I haven’t yet made it through all of them, here are a few of my favorites on film!

And if those waffles or “gaufres” could please find a way to my bedroom tomorrow morning I will be forever grateful!