Floral Dreams

A few good things come out of a DIY wedding, but one underestimated thing is the mad craft skills you gain! We {we = every girl related to me that I could possibly recruit to help} did all our own centerpieces for our wedding and I have to say, despite my minor meltdown at 12am on the Thursday night before whereby I exclaimed this is the worst idea I have ever had to which my sister gladly cured with a ice cold cocktail, they turned out beautiful!¬† We got a few pointers from a skilled florist and went with it from there. Two years later, I am still reaping the benefits of those floral skills, as I made this birthday centerpiece for Ryan’s sister using two bunches of Trader Joe’s flowers. As for tips, your best friend when making a centerpiece: Oasis Floral Foam!

never too old to play dress up.

In order to get a few new pictures for my Dad’s photography website (www.kevingeorgephotography.com), I decided it would be fun to organize a mini-photoshoot! I recruited a few picture loving girls, picked up some of my favorite spring flowers, created a few amazing accessories (check out the flower headbands!), and told my Dad to snap away at all the beauty!

Here was the inspiration board created to give everyone involved the overall vision of the shoot: * sorry, I did not keep track of where all these images are from, but I know some are Jose Villa, Duet Weddings, Style Me Pretty

The day was filled with sunshine and lots of girlieness which always means lots of laughter! I think all the pink, flowers, and hairspray scared any potential snakes away because, thankfully, they all decided to stay home that day!

Although this shoot was set-up for my Dad, I just just couldn’t pass up the chance to take a few pictures myself! These girls were definitely channeling their inner top model and really poured on the fierceness!

See why I was so excited to share! These girls looked totally stunning and everything turned out beautiful! A big thank you to Corynne, Melissa, Kelsey, and Mom!