Recipe | Popovers

Several months ago, I enjoyed these yummy treats at chef, Tyler Florence’s restaurant, Wayfare Tavern, in San Francisco. And let me tell you, they were one of the most memorable parts of the meal – the buttery, golden rolls with a crispy outside and easy to pull apart inside left me wanting more! So when my best friend emailed me the link to his recipe, I knew I had to try re-creating that magic at home.  This weekend, I finally purchased myself a popover pan {although not needed, as most say a muffin pan will do} and began my quest.

This is my view as I eagerly camped out in front of the oven with my fingers crossed hoping that they will rise enough to be considered a popover.

While at Sur La Table purchasing my popover pan, I came across a mini heart cookie cutter which I used to cut out pads of butter. I can’t wait to implement this idea with more shapes.

As you can see these were a success and the best part is that they are made with things that you likely have on hand already: eggs, flour, milk, and salt!  Again, here is the link to the recipe.


Octoberfest | Big Bear

We were fortunate enough to spend the weekend in Big Bear enjoying lots of time with best friends. We sat around the fire drinking wine, telling stories, and playing board games. Gone are the days of heading out to the bars in search of Mr. Right because we all had our Mr. Rights sitting right beside us. Boring as it seems, it was absolutely perfect.

This picture was taken through the wine glass. I placed my focus point on Anthony instead of the actual glass – I love how it looks like he was placed into a snow globe. 

We spent the day at Big Bear’s Octoberfest and got to enjoy endless rounds of the chicken dance, the polka, and beer. These alphorns were pretty darn cool to see, but we couldn’t help but wonder how they transport those things! {we decided they must break apart and fold up somehow–although I still like the explanation that they tie it to the roof rack}

This guy had a legit waxed mustache and us girls couldn’t help but to get a picture with him! Several competitions occurred throughout the day and when Katie came back with the news that she had signed our men up for the saw cutting competition Ryan and Tony immediately begin discussing strategy and sizing up their potential competition.

For a good giggle here a video of two city boys destroying the log in a mere 17 seconds! The winning team, who were featured on American Logger, won with a blazing time of 10 seconds!

Happy October!

Engaged | Thai & Kristina| Placerville

Sorry for the lack of posts, but we have been in Costa Rica for the past 10 days and if you have ever been there you know computers are the last thing on your mind!! We are still working on getting the pictures from our trip together, but here is a set I took over the Thanksgiving weekend. I was able to shoot this engagement session along with my Dad, the man behind Kevin George Photography.

Thai & Kristina met in high school and have been dating ever since. After several years of dating, Ty finally proposed with a beautiful ring and Kristina said yes. Ty & Kristina bared the cold mountain air and kept the laughs up all the way until we ran out of light!

Thanks to Kevin George Photography for letting me come along and to Thai & Kristina for braving the weather! Congratulations guys!!

This tree was trickier to climb than it looks but these guys had no problem hoisting each other up and making it happen!

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day!

Sights and Sounds of Apple Hill Contest WINNER!!

Thank you all so much for participating in the photo contest – it was fun to see everyone’s different picture preferences!!! While the competition was close with 35 votes for my pictures and 33 votes for Dad’s pictures, the winner for best picture goes to Kevin George for the old man eating the apple!!!  When my Dad took that picture he knew it was going to be a winner!! (For those of you who don’t know, Kevin George is my Dad, (George is his middle name).

If you check the initial contest post we have revealed who took each picture for those of you who are curious!

And there was a 7 way tie for 5th place, between pictures: 1, 2, 8, 9, 11, 12, & 18.  Thanks again to everyone who participated, we might just have to do this again!!!!

May your fall be filled with lots of pumpkin pie, cider, and yummy apple pie!