The Ericson Wedding in Austria!

I had the honor of being a groomsman in Sten and Katrin’s wedding.  To add to the excitement, the event took place in Going, Austria, in January!

Unfortunately, Shan and I had used up most (ok, all) of our vacation time on our own wedding and honeymoon which meant we couldn’t plan a proper European vacation.  This caused the trip to be a total whirlwind for me, one day traveling from LAX to Munich and one day back, and in between three and of half days of action.  It was quite a way to visit Europe for the first time!

It took about 20 hours of flights, delays and layovers to get to Munich, from there it was an hour an forty five minute train ride and forty minute taxi ride to get to the town of Going.  My taxi driver didn’t know the address and didn’t speak English so we were lost.  We turned down and unmarked alley and what did we see?! My friends! A group of Californians walking to the local market in Austria! Got to love the town of Going, for too many reasons to list actually but the small town feel was incredible.

This was the view looking off the back balcony upon my arrival.

A quick chat with Ligget and a beer later, it was time for Sten and Katrin’s rehearsal dinner.  It was hosted in an incredible chateu-like hotel, I really dug all the unfinished wood. I was blown away by the talents of local carpenters.  The included drinks and the best beef I’ve ever eaten, the speeches were heartfelt and memorable.  Catching up with friends was a blast.

The next day we took a snow hike and saw some of the best views of my life.  The path was covered in fresh snow so the whole hike we didn’t see any footprints.  It was the best!

Then came the big day! It was time to get ready with groomsman.  It was just a few months prior that the roles were reversed and Sten was one of my groomsman in my wedding so I knew exactly what was going through his mind.  We shared a few stories and threw on the coats and ties (the less manly groomsman also wore long underwear as it was ~zero degrees that day).

Sten and a particularly special groomsman, his father.

The wedding was incredible, unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me.  It was at town of Going’s church right in the middle of the city.  The pictures below are from the town of Kitzbuhel were the reception was held in a very posh hotel.  Congratulations to the Ericson’s, your wedding was awesome!!

I now have the desire to go back, there was so much I didn’t see and do, and this time Shan is coming with me!