Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 32

And picture of the week goes to……Tasha Marie from California. My Mom received Tasha as a gift from my Dad several years ago and she has warmed the hearts of the family,¬†especially my Moms, ever since! Tasha is usually to much of an elitist to be caught playing dog games, but I was able to capture her letting her guard down and playing some good old catch in the summer sun. No joke, the dog would prefer to sing happy birthday with the family or play driver in my Mom’s MG (it’s right hand drive), than play something as junior as fetch.

This Madison, Tasha’s sister. My sister and Dad picked her up several years ago after she escaped from her home and was attempting to cross a busy street. After locating the owner, the owner confessed that he did not want her anymore, so my parents gladly took her into their home. And boy, she has charmed many hearts since coming into our life. This is Tasha’s back-to-school photo and it looks like she made the soccer team this year – look at me Mom – #1 player!!!


Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 22

This is Ellie Mae, one half of the Baby-Boston-Ellie-Mae-Team-of-Terror. She is my sister’s Lhasa Apso. Since Kelsey loves these two little pups like children, I thought she might enjoy a picture or two of them.

I read a tip once that suggested when photographing children to get down low so you are at their level. Most photographs of children and pets are taken from 4ft feet above the subject which results in the object looking distorted and dwarf-like. When you get down low the camera sees the world from their perspective and creates an instantly more interesting photograph.

I try to keep this in mind when photographing such subjects and I have to say this is one of those tips you don’t even need a “fancy” camera for!