Good morning sunshine! Rise and shine to meet the day awaiting you. While we love spending mornings together it is unfortunate that Saturday and Sunday are our only days to enjoy a leisurely morning sitting around in our PJs, catching up on the morning sports news (because you know, a lot happens between 10:30pm and 8am in the sports world), and jump starting the body with a warm cup o’ coffee. Omelets are one of our favorite things to cook for breakfast and over the years, Ryan has sealed his position as the resident omelet flipper. This makes me so happy because I hate wet, undercooked eggs and insist that my omelet be cooked on both sides so you can imagine my excitement when Ryan perfected this trick.

Hooray for yummy eggs and the joy that a new morning brings!


Royal Wedding Fever?? I HAVE it! & Picture of the Week | Week 17

Tivo set for 1am recording? Check.

Will & Kate mug? Check.

Scones in the oven? Check.

5:30am wake up call? Check.

I have been so excited for this wedding and I can’t believe it’s finally here! My wonderful sister brought home this celebratory mug for me from England! With mug in hand, scones in the oven, and my tivo set I was ready to begin my morning entranced by the beautiful bride! Um, seriously stunning! And the trees in the church? Why didn’t I think of that! 

While I may have lost the prediction on her train, (i guessed 13 ft), I couldn’t be happier for this day to finally be here….anyone want to take the day off to enjoy the rest of the coverage??!

Thanks to Cupcakes & Cashmere for the reminder on the scones….Recipe for the Orange Cranberry scones can be found here