Brooks & Dunn at Club Nokia

Last night Shan and I saw what was without a doubt the  best concert I’ve ever seen!

Brooks & Dunn played in what may have been their last performance ever in California.  They sung a full set of songs and sounded incredible from start to finish.  Close quarters, small headcount and their contagious energy made for an encapsulating atmosphere.  Brooks & Dunn’s set mixed their upbeat songs with their emotional ones and they involved the crowd the whole time.  The emotional highlight of the night was during “Only in America” when three uniformed soldiers marched out and stood facing the crowd at the front edge of stage.  For the duration of the song they stood still and tall saluting the crowd and then during the last  chorus, red, white and blue streamers exploded and covered all the onlookers.

The event was hosted by Toyota and held at Club Nokia at LA Live in Los Angeles as an add on to their farewell tour. The venue only seats about 2,000 people was an intimate place to see such a renowned band.  Toyota gave free tickets to owners who responded back to an email, and provided free food and drinks to all.  My 4runner has been perfect so this was gravy, thanks Toyota! Click here for a slideshow.

We were lucky enough to get a bunch great pictures, to view them bigger and better please click here.