macaron smiles.

Yesterday, my entire day was filled with french macaron chatter. My mom and I ooh and ahh’d  over the Ladurée Sucré cookbook and how we must have a french themed bridal shower for one of my sisters so that we can decorate with macarons. Then we couldn’t figure out why we didn’t see Ladurée when we were in Milan years ago.  I told her I bought almond flour over the weekend in hopes of attempting these difficult little cookies. I promise, every 15 minutes discussion about those delectable little treats would surface.

All of that talk  left me craving for french macarons, so much I was almost out of the office and on my way to Bottega Louie to pick some up. I chatted Ryan, as I often do, to let him know I was heading out early. He asked if I wanted to meet for a “treat” which I assumed was a kiss and maybe a piece of a homemade, brownie that he swiped from the office kitchen.

I met him on the corner in between our buildings and I got my kiss, but no treat. Hmmmm.

I asked, “No treat?”

He said, “Yeah, the kiss.”

Ok, I thought, well that was pretty good, but I know he must have a treat somewhere. So, I reached around his back pocket and found it!!!!  I found a  purple Bottega Louie box filled with four yummy french macarons!!!!! How did he know that my Mom and I had been talking about these all day and I was dying for a little bite of one?? Seriously, nuts – but happiness at last!

I am always so shocked how fabulously happy a little treat can make me, and a kiss too! Thanks Ry for both of my treats!!!

UPDATE: Yes, I actually spelled something right and it is macaron with 1 “o” not two. According to Wikipedia (totally authoritative), “Since the English word macaroon can also refer to the Coconut macaroon, many have adopted the French spelling of macaron to distinguish the two items in the English language. However, this has caused confusion over the correct spelling of the cookie. Some recipes exclude the use of macaroon to refer to this French confection while others think that they are synonyms.”

my perfect lunch heaven.

With the warm air sweeping over LA this week, it was time to celebrate summer and what better way than taking an off campus lunch with the hubby! When Ryan asked me to lunch, I suspected we would go to one of the usual’s, La Salsa, Quizno’s, or one of the other nameless places in the underground food court. Boy, was I surprised when we walked into what felt like lunch heaven at Bottega Louie.  Bottega Louie is a restaurant, bar, market, deli, cafe and bakery all in one – all while exuding glamorous!!  The design studio behind Bottega Louie, View Design Studio states, “Evoking old European style, this 10,000 square foot restaurant set in a historical building in downtown Los Angles brings a new concept to dining with its market of gleaming dessert cases, prepared foods and other sundry items. The light-filled dining area is open to the kitchen and flows from the market and bar. White marble, walls and ceilings are accented by brass, black banquettes and warm woods.”

Gosh, I am such a sucker for white molding these days, so this place was an instant hit the second I spotted the crisp white walls with detailed molding surround the vast dining area.

And desserts, my other obsession! With so many desserts to choose from the options were endless, but I settled on the vanilla eclair.

The pastry case filled with perfectly colored macaroons and beautiful, gold tinned cupcakes that greets you upon entering.  I have been hoping to try my hand at macroons, so this was just the inspiration I needed!

Boy was this sure a nice way to spend the lunch hour – I can’ t wait to go back and maybe try a few of the yummy cocktails from the menu!!

BOTTEGA LOUIE: 700 S. Grand Ave., dwntwn., (213) 802-1470 or Open daily 6:30 a.m. to (about) 11 p.m.; AE, MC, V. Full bar. Valet parking. Takeout and prepared foods. Starters $6-$8; main courses $8-$33; desserts $7.