BLUSH PINK, oh how you speak to me like no other color. You are happy. You are just the most perfect color in the whole wide world.  You make me giddy, smiley, and want to paint a whole room in your beautiful tones. You make my heart pitter-patter…just a bit. No doubt, you were my first choice for bridesmaid’s dresses because you are perfect in every way.  Show me a pair of pants in this beautiful color and those babies are coming home with me! Make them high-waisted and I might have to buy two of you!

Mix it with this yummy YSL lipstick and you might just have to peel these suckers off of me because I-don’t-wanna-take-them-off! Pink pants you will sit nicely hung in my closet, until we meet again.


Animal House

Beautiful. Powerful. Friendly. Funny. A horse is all of those things to me. Beautiful are the markings, hair, mane, and trot. Powerful describes their overwhelming muscles that stare you in the eyes. Friendly, hold a carrot in your hand and that horse can’t get enough! And funny? Well that goes to their teeth and lips of course! Remember this picture?? (it’s a must see so please click the link if you want a laugh!) We saw these horses at the Longshadow Ranch Winery this weekend while wine tasting in Temecula. This blonde horse was my favorite!!! Maybe because I am sort of jealous of his/her summer bleached look!I hope to try and ride a horse one of these days – I haven’t done it since I was seven years old while camping with my sister’s Brownie troop in Yosemite!