Bookshelf TLC

Decorating…….it is one of those things that no matter how much I study others and try “buy what I love” my results never seem to please me. And while others, such as Rita at Design Compass,  have no problem visualizing color schemes, patterns, and sofa configurations, I struggle through trial and error until I achieve something that I can live with.

Case in point, here is my “before” of a bookshelf that Ryan built for our old apartment. While this bookshelf is not quite Edwardian antique material, it is something that I couldn’t dare kick to the curb (just yet) because I knew how much love and work went into it. I took a few odds and ends around the house mixing silver, colored books, and white porcelain. As you can see, it was quite barren and “mismatchy”.

After living with the barren bookshelf for a week, I was not happy and continually plotting how to improve its esthetics. I remembered that we had two boxes of white serving pieces that were given to us as wedding gifts for which did not fit into our kitchen. I decided to decorate the bookshelf keeping to a theme of black and whites.

I planted oregano and some white flowering ground cover in the empty containers to bring a freshness to the space. While these might die in a  few weeks, I only spent $5 on both plants and figure I can easily replace them.

I hope to add more white pieces to the bookshelf as time goes one, but this is how it will sit for now!