Sights of the West

As Ryan posted earlier this week, we are heading across the west on a National Park tour to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. We have driven over 2,500 miles {and aren’t even finished yet}, we have seen some of the most beautiful sights American has to offer. I can’t get over how breathtaking the farm lands of the western states are. No matter where we looked we saw patina wooden barns lit up by the golden grass and big beautiful clouds creating the ceiling to a picture perfect America.

This was taken somewhere near Cedar Springs, Utah. As we drove through, the clouds kept building looking more and more magical every hour that passed. Seeing the “big sky” of the west was something I was excited for so I was very happy when these clouds appeared! 

We left Salt Lake City at 3am so we cruised through most of Idaho in the dark but we were still able to see a bit of its all American farm lands. It seemed as if the more north we drove the nicer the people were. Ryan took this picture in the early morning hours while crossing through Idaho. 

I can’t wait to find out what we will see next on the rest of our journey!