Warming Inspiration

When flipping though the latest round of Anthropologie’s catalog and other various spring magazines, I couldn’t help but notice these pictures. Not only were the outfits fresh, light, and airy, but the photographs had an effortless beauty to them. I mean, seriously, don’t you just want to put on a billowy dress and join these girls in the glowing sunshine????

Mompos Dress, Windabout Heels, Winding Turns Shades

Walled City Blouse, Tayrona Necklace

On that note, I will grab a morning café and pretend I am spending a lazy day skipping around St. Tropez or some other dreamy place ready to strike an effortless pose at any time!


Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 10 & [Tsunami Watch 2011 Plus in HD]

I headed down to the beach this morning to grab a Friday Picture of the Week. After about 15 minutes on the beach, I received a visit from the lifeguard who warned me that as a result of the earthquake in Japan the entire coast was being shut down due to tsunami warnings. Ah ha – that explained the closed parking lot in El Porto and the police office standing guard blocking access to the pier! Immediately I thought, wait, Ryan is running on the beach right now – will he know?! Turns out the surge wasn’t scheduled to hit for another 45 minutes, so all was good.

Although we didn’t see any surge, I decided one weird wave was definitely “the one” and videoed it!  After deciding that was “the wave”, I declared victory and we headed off start our work day.

* As for the title, you may only get that if you live in Southern California and have to watch “Storm Watch” on the doppler 7000 Plus in HD – thanks Channel 7!


Welcome 2011!

What can I say, we had a fantastic two thousand ten and spent so much of it sharing it with the people we love! The new year is a time for reflection and express gratitude for all the people we have been so lucky to have in our lives and for all of the people who we have shared our lives with on this blog.

We hope to continue this blog into 2011 and we hope you keep checking in to see what’s new! Welcome 2011!

photo by Alexandra Stauber


Shan & Ry