Sushi Night!

As a newly married couple we do adult things like go out with other married folks and couples.  Last Friday was a good example, we started the night over at Chris & Kim’s where they hosted a ridiculous spread of hors d’oeuvres, wine and beer.

Friends, great food and the HBO Larry Bird and Magic Johnson special made it near impossible to make our 9pm sushi reservation (we were 30 minutes late).   Did you know that Magic and Larry played on the USA national team before they became NBA stars?  I also didn’t realize what Larry Bird dealt with in terms of back pain, what a warrior!

Unfortunately, it’s almost never that we get to hang with our besties from Santa Barbara, and enjoy a night out. We indulged on two sushi super boats, each with about 100 pieces of sushi.  The night ended where it started, with an adult sleepover.  We all like fun.

Did someone say, Bobsled??!!

A bit overdue, but a few weekends ago we spent the weekend in Mammoth Lakes with a group of 20 friends. This was the 3rd annual Mammoth trip and as history holds, a fabulously fun time was had by all! While some stories will not be communicated well over this simple blog post, those who went and were there to experience the Winter Olympics re-enactment, the pure joy of using an empty paper towel  roll as a telescope to isolate a single person in your frame, the unfortunate consequence of a 12 person dog pile on a wooden bed, and of course the Kev-Man taking to the indoor bobsled, will be able to smile and remember the hilarity of the weekend! While the pictures are scarce from this trip, here are a few images.

Riley-Man’s Photoshoot



While up north for Thanksgiving, Ryan and I got a chance to finally see the new addition to the Scheffel family, the Riley-Man. Riley is 14 days old and is already a trained model pro — must have been all those pictures his mama posed for while he was in the womb. After a quick feeding and diaper change this guy was ready for his close up. Ryan got a chance to use his Sigma 30mm lens to snap these totally adorable pictures of the little guy.

At one point, we decided to try and sit him up for a few clicks of the camera. As you can guess, it was a bit pre-mature for this pose. As his Dad held his head to keep his body upright, poor Riley was left looking like a little old-man that had a few too many beers.  While this had us all dying laughing, we quickly realized the poor guy was not having any of this pose.

Here’s the poor little drunk:

Still laughing , just thinking about it!!!!!!!  I guess we all have a bit of learning to do!

Love you guys and can’t wait to see you at Christmas!

t-OUCH-down for USC


On Saturday, Chris & Kim treated us to a USC game — my first one ever!!! I got a tour of  “The Row“, a street with all the sorority and fraternity houses, saw the Nine-Oh (a frat boy filled sports bar), and then began the fun with a few early morning mimosa’s. Although, USC lost big time, it was still a great time! The Brandon’s were nice enough to share their field passes with us, so we got front row — we even spotted Taylor Jacobson from The Rachel Zoe Project on the field!!  Thumbnails can be seen here.

Ba-nana’s For Rachel Zoe, err aaaa, Shauna?!!

Happy Halloween! Our first Halloween as a married couple, and yes, we are happily staying in. Who knew the day would come with two UC  Santa Barbara alumni wouldn’t be able to rally on Halloween. Since, we are not worthy of a Halloween post, I dedicate this post to someone who loves Halloween and always delivers with a totally blog worthy costume, yes, Shauna! Here is a collection of a few of her fabulous Halloween outfits.

I am totally obessed with Rachel Zoe right now, who isn’t, right? Shauna nails the protrayal everytime and this year she didn’t disappoint! I am totally ba-nana’s over these costumes! I can’t wait to see what she has in store for next year!

Wednesday Night With The Bobs!



For the past 5, maybe even 6 years, the boys of Manhattan Beach have participated in a 16″ male softball league. Although the team name began as “Slaughter Your Daughter” several years ago they upgraded their team colors to yellow and green and updated the team name to the “the Bobs”. The boys insist on playing in both the Winter & Summer league, so for almost half of the year, Wednesday nights are devoted to softball.  Some, including myself, view their devotion and enthusiasm for a recreational game sponsored by the city as a weird obsession, but I guess they are just having fun. A few unique things that make them “the Bobs”:  they change eating habits on game days,  slide into home plate when it’s totally unnecessary, have Home & Away jerseys, have cheerleaders called the Bobettes, they even have a Bob alter-egos such as Bob Villa,  Bob Denver, and Bob Barker.  All and all it’s a great way for the guys to go out have some fun at a sport in which they love!

This week while the other girls enjoyed their Wednesday nights catching up on Project Runway and Gossip Girl, I ventured out to the game and snapped a few pre-game shots. Yes, that clipboard below is used to keep track of their “stats”.

Thankfully, they killed the other team and won 11-0, or something like that. Here are a few shots of the action.

See ya next week guys!

Katrin's Bachelorette Camp-Out

Katrin, who is getting married on January 8th in Austria, held her bachelorette party doing what else but camping! Yes, 11 girls took to the mountains to celebrate her last days as a bachelorette. We rented two campsites at the Wheeler Gorge Campground in Ojai.  In order to alleviate the girls from having to perform any real cooking, we picked up three pizzas and took them to the campground. Quickly we realize we forgot ice, firewood, and bug spray — thankfully, Marie had a mini bottle of bug spray in her purse, as for the ice, we decided to “rough it” and drink our cocktails and beer warm.  The campground sold firewood so we picked some up from the ranger and were soon on our way with a real fire thanks to Katie and Katrin. We enjoyed a night under the stars laughing and enjoying the warm October air. Congratulations Katrin, we can’t wait for the wedding!

Click here for a slideshow of the pictures.

Photo Editing – Kim & Her Dad

Ryan has a true love for photography, I unfortunately only like the pretty pictures but do not want to learn how to take them. Dealing with aperture, F-measurements, shutter speed, and ISO is all a little too mechanical for me. However, after making so many crafts and different projects for the wedding, I picked up a few skills in Photoshop. This is where a picture comes to life for me. While Ryan thinks Photoshop is cheating –  I think about it more like a girls make-up.  A face is the starting point and the make-up is used to “enhance” what is already there.  That is how I view photo editing, a mere enhancement of the photo. Perhaps, this is just the reasoning of a non-photographer trying to pretend, but whatever, I like the outcome!

Here is a picture of Chris & Kim’s wedding that I took and gave it a crop then applied an antique texture to give the picture warmth. One of my favorite websites for layers is CGTextures. They are free to download and are an easy way for Photoshop newbies to change up their photos with little effort.  Although, with this beautiful setting and gorgeous bride it wasn’t too hard to make this look fabulous!

Baby Scheffel Baby Shower

Last weekend felt like I was at my wedding all over again. It started with running around on Friday night until 2am trying to get the many “projects” I had prepared finished in time.  Thankfully, I had already had practice at several of these projects so it was a bit easier the second time around. The candy buffet tags were somehow lost in between LA and Sacramento, the Diaper Cake voting chips needed assembled, and lastly we needed floral foam in order to make the flower arrangements. I did not think everything would get finished in time but somehow between the hours of 6am and 1pm everything came together.  Here are a few of my favorite things:

Click here to view the slideshow.

A few more of my favorite details, the Diaper Cake  Voting Chips and those darns labels that I hope to never make another one of!