28/365 Sisters + spare time – TV

Girls like to play dress up and apparently this is not something they grow out of.  That coupled with the fact that sisters egg each other on, resulted in this:

28/365 - Totally normal for these sisters

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26/365 – El Dorado means Gold

I was excited to get a chance to explore a bit of the El Dorado national forest this past Saturday and much to my surprise, Shannon and her father agreed to come along.  The Zavoda’s only live a few minutes from the forest and there are tons of  4×4 trails, I recommend this map to wrap your head around the abundance of places to go.  Since it was cold, and there was snow we headed towards some trails below 4,000 ft in elevation.

The day was cold and snow-less but the views were endless, it turned out to be a great day of exploring.  We drove through a bunch of snow, shot guns, had lunch and enjoyed miles and miles of back country road.  My kind of day (not really Shan’s, but she was a sport).

26/365 - El Dorado means Gold



25/365 – Leafless Oaks

Being newlyweds and having families in cities 430 miles apart creates a bit of a dilemma come holidays.  Obviously, we both want to share the holidays with our families and share comfortable traditions in our home cities but whichever place we decide, one of us is away from family.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we reminded ourselves that we are fortunate to have two places to celebrate, and doubly so, because each family understands if we end up elsewhere.

This Thanksgiving we woke up early and drove up to Placerville to visit the Zavoda’s.  We enjoyed great company and an outright feast that included a bbq’d and deep fried turkey, ham and no joke six desserts!

Did I mention that Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year?

After dinner we took a walk from the Zavoda house and a enjoyed a cold country sunset which included some great leafless oaks.

25/365 - Leafless Oaks

Quick trip up the coast

Last week I made a quick business trip up to San Francisco, it had been so long since I visited the city.  I actually really love it, so much different than sprawling Los Angeles.  Usually conference rooms are bland, but this one had an excellent view and I had to pull out my iPhone and snap a picture.  (For reference, pulling out your iPhone and taking pictures during a business meeting is a perfectly professional thing to do)

19/365 - San Francisco Treat

Sten's Bachelor Party

Have I mentioned it’s been a busy year?

Sten, one of my best friends and groomsman is getting married in Austria in January. So it was time to celebrate his last days as a bachelor, the venue was a little known area loosely between King City, Big Sur and an Army base.  About 20 of Sten’s closest friends made the trip from San Diego, San Francisco and the southbay, I was looking forward to reunion.

During the day we milled around the wilderness avoiding poison oak and during the nights we all contributed to revolutionizing the camp fire song.  Three straight days of wild times and no serious injuries or deaths, an overwhelmingly successful bachelor party on all accounts.

The Crew

16/365 - Tom the Taranchula


18/365 - The Bachelor

More pictures can be seen here.

Hydration Station – 15/365

We love the local grocery store across the street from our house and we find reason to visit just about every day.  Like most of El Segundo, it is immaculate. When we move from this town there is a lot I will miss, great restaurants, no parking meters, nice parks, the lack of techno pumping club and Cooke’s Market.

Hydration Station - 15/365


9 & 10/365 – Lunch Walk

Today Shan and I met Brent and Suzi for tacos, it’s really so nice to work across the street from each other. Lately we’ve been having lunch at least a couple of times a week so today we enjoyed the company of friends.  After lunch we walked downtown for awhile and ended up spending a few minutes in the park adjacent to the library.

Since I didn’t post a picture yesterday, there are two today.  #9 is my favorite of the 365 day project so far.  I love ya Shan!

The Braid - 9/365

The Braid - 9/365

Library Fountain - 10/365

Library Fountain - 10/365


I didn’t have the opportunity to take any photos this Saturday so my bid for 365 pictures in 365 days is off.  I still plan on getting to 365, it just might take a little bit longer than 1 year, that’s all.

This afternoon was grey, but I did have a great time watching this little bird exploit the low tide.  He worked alone, and found lots to eat.  It was interesting because the rest of breed worked in a group, sort of following each other around, he did his own thing.

Lownly Tide - 5/365

Lownly Tide - 5/365

Our Honeymoon!

We are back from our dream honeymoon to the beautiful islands of Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora.  It was absolutely exhilarating, romantic and beautiful.  We hope you enjoy the pictures! Click here for a full slideshow, and thumbnails can be seen here.

Swimming with the sharks and sting rays

Waiting for our flight to Moorea

4×4 Tour on Bora Bora

Day Dreaming on Moorea