It’s a Boy!

This post is quite over due, but what can I say, things have been quite busy around here with the arrival of our baby boy! Being the ever punctual man, our little Broderick Cole arrived on September 7, his due date! Throughout my pregnancy I took weekly pictures which were inspired by a Pinterest idea I saw from Christine of Simply Bloom. As a shock to me, I only missed one week, week 12, because I wasn’t feeling well that week. We are feeling beyond blessed (and tired) and just enjoying this time with the little guy!  

22 thoughts on “It’s a Boy!

  1. I can’t believe no one else wants to know where you got that dress. 😛 I want to document my journey in a similar way, but I’ve yet to find something I think will look good the whole way!

    • Thank you for the kind comment! Yes, I went on a 2 week trip to France with my parents and older sister and week 24 we spent in Paris!

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