Boscolo Hotel | Nice, France

I don’t think there has ever been a hotel with more perfect decor than that of the Boscolo Hotel in Nice, France. The all white concept is mixed so elegantly with modern and french provincial pieces giving it a perfectly glamorous look. I was dying over this bed and trying to figure out any way possible to get it back home with me. I contacted the hotel, which so kindly told me that the Cryus Company from Italy makes the bed.

Hurdle #1 – Can I find the headboard in the catalog? I immediately downloaded the catalog and started flipping through until I eventually saw it! Step 1 complete – the bed is still available for sale.

Hurdle #2 – Do they ship to the USA?  Yes – looks like they have a store in New York!

Hurdle #3 – Now how much does it cost?  A question I wondered throughout my trip because I was anxious to see if this bed could really be mine.  I contacted the Cryus Company shop in New York it turns out it costs roughly between…….  $9,000 – $11,000 depending on finish and fabric choice. Ahhhhh….talk about a dream crusher! While the bed is worth every penny, I am afraid this bed will have to wait to come home with me until after I invent my million dollar idea!

I have yet to find one that I love so much and has the elegance and charm of the Cryus Company bed, but looks like the search must continue.

Anyway,  onto the rest of the pictures!

This is the lobby of the hotel, which we didn’t get to spend nearly enough time in because we were out exploring the city of Nice. P.S. the Cyrus Company also makes these beautiful chairs which my sister and I did a little photo session in. More pictures on that to come!

Enjoying a special Mother’s Day honoring the heart of our family, my Mom, with a little bubbly, and fresh French treats. 

Our stay at the Boscolo was thoroughly enjoyed and we all look forward to coming back soon!


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