Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 47

Ahhhhh…..Christmas. The sights. The sounds. The smells. All so pleasant to enjoy from the comfort of home. Dare to enter the mall or a store and you might be singing a different tune! But when all is said and done it really can be the most wonderful time of the year!

I have always dreamed of one day spending the entire month of December in New York. Of course, in my dream month in New York, I would have ice skating skills worthy of those cute skating outfits ala Blair Waldorf, endless money to spend at Bergdorfs, and of course time to enjoy a wonderful drink at the Plaza. So, for now, I will enjoy a glass of wine from my New York wine glass and call myself lucky. Lucky to have our health and lucky to be surrounded by such love. But don’t worry, I will still be stalking all those New York bloggers {The Glamouri, From Me-To You} and hoping for some good ol’ New York eye candy.


5 thoughts on “Friday | Picture of the Week | Week 47

    • Thank you! I used this tutorial to get the heart bokeh. However, I did not have a black piece of paperboard, so I used a black plastic shopping bag we had hanging around and attached it using a hair rubber band around the lens (fancy, i know!?)!

      • Fun! I found a tutorial online too and tried this on my own with black cardstock. It turned out kind of strange because it is SO dark in my living room but it was worth a shot and I had fun doing it 🙂 I love your make-shift idea with the rubber band, sounds much easier! I’ll have to give this a try earlier in the day when I can have more light. Thanks for the inspiration!

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