Lake MacDonald | Glacier National Park

After endless gas station stops, 22 hours in the car, stopping to help a rolled over Subaru, countless lane changes, and two McD’s meals, we had arrived Glacier National Park in Montana. We were so excited to see everything the park had to offer, the lakes, the mountains, the trees, the smell of fresh air, and the wildlife. 

We secured our campsite for the evening at Avalanche campground set up the tent and precede to smoke Ryan out with the fire! {j/k – but that picture does crack me up…i guess he learned a thing or two from ANTM and has been trained to hold his pose despite the heavy dose of smoke pluming his way}

We decided to explore Lake MacDonald via boat. Originally we planned to rent a canoe and enjoy a lunch picnic on the lake. Knowing that I would poop out after 15 minutes of rowing and exclaim that rowing is the dumbest thing ever thus subsequently relying on Ryan to row the remainder of the lake, I was secretly wishing for a canoe with a trolling motor.  I thought, gosh, they really need to invent such a thing as it would be the best of both worlds, we could enjoy the lake and I would not have to kill my arms for the next 120 minutes. Turns out they sort of make it in the form of a “Huck-Fin boat” as I call it.  My Dad has instructed me that it is called an outboard motor boat, or something like that, but I prefer “Huck-Fin boat”. Our Huck Fin boat had three things: a metal frame, a place to sit, and a motor. Hearing it had a motor was music to my ears and I was about to be one happy girl!

Yep, told you I was one happy girl! Now this is how you enjoy the lake!! Forget that sweaty rowing business! We left the dock and headed straight for the middle of the lake and set up our picnic while enjoying the completely glassy water.

One thing Ry and I like to do when on trips is keep a journal. This way we can document the little things such as grub & grog, campsite names, but also include the way we felt when first seeing such beautiful things such as Lake MacDonald or how it feels to listen to my version of Alabama’s “Roll On 18 Wheeler” fifteen times or my favorite new-to-me-song, DJ Khaled “All I Do Is Win”.

While Ryan spends the hours before dinner skipping rocks,

 I prefer to see the world upside down in the form of a handstand. After all, this is how my body was most comfortable for over half of my childhood!

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