Not A Recipe.

Today, I was hoping to post pictures from a super yummy, mouth-watering banana pancake recipe that I made yesterday morning. But, the pancakes turned out nothing like those yummy, mouth-watering pancakes I was hoping for. I do not know if it was me or the recipe, but the pancakes were gross. Gross as in dense, heavy, and I-would-not-make-these-again kind of a way. I should have looked more carefully at the ingredients because the recipe did not contain eggs and was totally dry until you added in the banana’s (as it was supposed to be) and reminded me nothing of a traditional pancake recipe used growing up. Because I like to only post things I actually like and would be proud to make for anyone who comes over, I will be searching for a recipe for suited to those light and fluffy banana pancakes I have pictured in my head.

Until then, here are a few more pictures that I took last week that did not make the cut for picture of the week, week 33.


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