I have spent another week here in San Francisco and I have to say, I have traveled to this city several times and rarely get the chance to enjoy what the city has to offer due to work obligations, so on this trip I took advantage of what little down time I had and enjoyed my welcomed excursions.

I asked one of my favorite San Francisco based fashion bloggers, Blair from Atlantic Pacific, for some food recommendations near the Financial District and she recommend Tyler Florence’s Wayfare Tavern. My best friend, Melissa, also recommended this restaurant although I am pretty sure she picked this place based on the outside decor, a black door & ivy topiaries! This place did not disappoint – the fried chicken (yes, I ate fried chicken), popover bread, and peach pie were all fabulous. I may even have to try my hand at making popovers!  I also dined at Perbacco, thanks to a recommendation from the hotel concierge. While I was hoping for spaghetti & meatballs kind of Italian food, this place had a wonderful staff and terrific food, although a bit too fancy for me. I found myself “googling” most everything on the menu.  I decided on the Tajarin which was handcut tagliatelle, 5 hours pork sugo, with porcini mushrooms — see what I mean…what is sugo? It was good but reminded me of ramen noodles with stroganoff sauce. Sorry, Perbacco but I am not worthy of your food.  I traveled all through Italy and stuck with the spaghetti with bolognese or pizza and couldn’t have been happier! I ended the meal with the honey panna cotta which was excellent.

I finished my trip with a morning stop to Blue Bottle Coffee where I received the mostly perfectly poured soy latte! A fantastic way to end my week here!

Photos taken with iPhone (you know if TSA allowed 3 bags for carry-on I would have brought the whole set-up)


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