If you are anything like me, you have several strategically placed open bags of packaged food in your pantry. Some are half eaten while others maybe left over bulk grains or nuts. Case in point, a bag of rice that is sitting just so as to not tip over. Now, accidentally move the bag and all plans go down the drain because rice is now spilling out of the bag onto the counter and floor!  (No joke, this happened as I was doing this project).

I started using zip locked bags to solve this problem but seriously I don’t think a zip lock can look cute even if Martha Stewart tried! My new solution to this problem is to save empty spaghetti jars (sorry Mom we do eat jarred spaghetti sometimes) and fill with the “lose” pantry items.Since, I was no longer going to have the bag with the cooking instructions I decided to hot glue the instructions to the bottom of the lid so I would have easy access to them.I will continue collecting the used spaghetti jars and hope to have something close to Emerson’s pantry one day (ok, that will never happen but a girl can dream right?)



2 thoughts on “PANTRY ROUNDUP

  1. I have done the same. I have a shelf dedicaded to empties of all sizes along with remaining canning jars. They come in handy! Smaller jars (like jam or capers) are great for making salad dressing.

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