Recently, a few of us girls were talking about our first experiences once we moved to LA. A few recalled our first time on “the 405” freeway, or the lack of yard space at each house, or what one should wear on the first day of school in California. Jenna, from Oregon, however recalled her first time at the beach when she realized she did not know what to wear!

I thought this was funny, cute, and I kind of understood why she might be confused. The Manhattan Beach style is very interesting: boys wear one size too big board shorts which results in “crackage”, girls mix and match bikini’s like none other, surgically enhanced body parts are not all the rage (despite what Hollywood has us believe about LA), and having an appropriate “walk-to-the-beach-outfit” is just as important as the actual bikini itself.

Some people, ok maybe most, question why we put up with the traffic, the smog, the high cost of living, and it’s for days like this….just sitting around, laughing, chatting, playing in the water with a host of great friends that make it worth it!

Mix & match bikini example shown at its best! I am pretty sure Ashley is one of the queen’s of this trend and pulls it off everytime! I guess that is a result of living at the beach her whole life and needed to keep it fresh! 



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